Gold Anniversary Gifts for Parents – What Can You Buy Them?

| April 12, 2016

Choosing an anniversary gift need not be difficult even it’s for a special occasion like a gold wedding anniversary. Once you know what anniversary year your parents will be celebrating, you are already half-way there since there is a list of modern and traditional anniversary gifts that make it easy to narrow down your search for an appropriate gift.

Traditional or Modern Gift

50 anniversaryFirst, you need to find our what anniversary year they are celebrating. This is your chance to impress with your thoughtfulness at trying to find something fitting based on the research you have done. Of course, with any anniversary gift, do not feel limited by the choices on the traditional and modern lists. This is your chance to celebrate their marriage, so if any of the suggestions on the list for other years inspire you, then use it to get the perfect gift.

Let them shine, glow and sparkle!

You have a vast array of gold jewelry to choose from if you want to give this to your parents, either as a mixed his-and-hers box set or as individual items. With a choice of pendants, bracelets, ear-rings for pierced and non-pierced ears for mum and tie-pins and cuff-links for dad, it’s wise to consider their individual styles so you buy a gift that shows you know them well and have given the gift some thought. You want to your jewelry gift being worn and enjoyed, rather than being hidden in a trinket box so sure to get this right. A set of his and her wrist-watches are also a fitting gift to mark the passing of time. If you want to know what’s in season, check out the top name designers. If you haven’t the budget for a designer branded gift, there is no need to worry as these designer goods are regularly copied and in department stores for sale within weeks.

Flowers are a popular anniversary gift for a couple. Choose with care to show that you have put some thought into this. You may want to use the list of traditional and modern anniversary gifts to help you decide on the color of the flowers you wish to send. Perhaps buy a flower that is gold-plated (for 50th anniversary – see or carved out of wood (5th anniversary) or made with silver (25th anniversary) that can be displayed at home. A perennial plant or bush for their garden or conservatory will bloom each year unlike cut flowers, a bouquet or a floral arrangement. A pot of carnations, tulips, lilies and the ever popular rose are symbols of the love upon which their marriage is based. With a card to the couple, you can let them know that you have chosen white carnations because they represent pure and sweet love or roses as they represent love, desire and respect. Flowers have many meanings relevant to married life that symbolise friendship, loyalty and faith.

The ideas above show how you can be creative with all the symbolic anniversary gifts listed below. Be inventive and you’ll be sure to purchase a fitting gift to mark the celebration of your parents’ marriage.

Traditional and Modern Anniversary Gift Guide

Year: 1st
Traditional Gift: Paper
Modern Gift: Clocks

Year: 2nd
Traditional Gift: Cotton
Modern Gift: China

Year: 3rd
Traditional Gift: Leather
Modern Gifts: Crystal, Glass

Year: 4th
Traditional Gifts: Fruit, Flowers
Modern Gift: Appliances

Year: 5th
Traditional Gift: Wood
Modern Gift: Silverware

Year: 6th
Traditional Gifts: Candy, Iron
Modern Gifts: Candy, Iron

Year: 7th
Traditional Gifts: Wool, Copper
Modern Gifts: Desk Sets

Year: 8th
Traditional Gifts: Bronze, Pottery
Modern Gifts: Bronze, Pottery

Year: 9th
Traditional Gifts: Pottery, Willow
Modern Gifts: Linen, Lace

Year: 10th
Traditional Gifts: Tin, Aluminum
Modern Gift: Leather

Year: 11th
Traditional Gift: Steel
Modern Gift: Jewelry

Year: 12th
Traditional Gifts: Silk, Linen
Modern Gift: Pearls

Year: 13th
Traditional Gift: Lace
Modern Gifts: Textiles, Furs

Year: 14th
Traditional Gift: Ivory
Modern Gifts: Gold Jewelry

Year: 15th
Traditional Gift: Crystal
Modern Gift: Watches

Year: 20th
Traditional Gift: China
Modern Gift: Platinum

Year: 25th
Traditional Gift: Silver
Modern Gift: Silver

Year: 30th
Traditional Gift: Pearl
Modern Gift: Diamond

Year: 35th
Traditional Gift: Coral
Modern Gift: Jade

Year: 40th
Traditional Gift: Ruby
Modern Gift: Ruby

Year: 45th
Traditional Gift: Sapphire
Modern Gift: Sapphire

Year: 50th
Traditional Gift: Gold
Modern Gift: Gold

Year: 55th
Traditional Gift: Emerald
Modern Gift: Emerald

Year: 60th
Traditional Gift: Diamond
Modern Gift: Diamond

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