May 21st – 22nd 2004

19th Annual International Gold Show

The Gold Show originated in 1986 and has since then has become a tradition in Dawson. Every year when the snow starts to melt and the mud appears, Gold Show fever is in the air. This show is not only a wonderful opportunity for people to do business and get ready for the summer, it is also a time when old friends meet up after a long winter and new friendships are developed in a relaxed and social atmosphere.


We are looking forward to your participation for our 2004 show. If you have any ideas for displays or something of interest to the community let us know and lets see if we could accomodate you.

The cost of advertising in our program has decreased. Please take a look at our new prices and help support the Gold Show.

The Gold Show is an excellent opportunity for businesses to bring their products and services to central Yukon.

Along with the industry focus, the show is home to an antique & craft fair. The show is a consumer event attracting a large base of customers and exhibitors from the Yukon, NWT, British Columbia, Alberta, Alaska and several from the lower forty-eight. With each show bringing new and exciting products and ideas, you can guarantee that there is something for everyone!

We invite your participation…

As a sponsor, your company and representatives will be given a number of benefits. Depending on the level of sponsorship you choose benefits ranges from free advertising, delegate packages, to even a free booth at the Trade Show.


As an exhibitor, you can rest assured that your company will get the exposure it wants in an atmosphere conducive to business. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to meet with placer miners, hard rock miners, government & industry representatives and other businesses & agencies that showcase their goods & services.
As a delegate, you have the opportunity to meet with industry representatives and government officials at various delegate only functions as well as two days of indoor and outdoor exhibits at the Trade Show.



A great opportunity for small businesses to show off and sell your products.



Activities Galore for the Kids and Family Kick-off at Dawson City International Gold Show, May 21-22

Soapstone carving ~ make neat jewelry and sculptures

Treasure hunt ~ win great prizes, like rock kits, posters, games

Geology field camp ~ take a tour of a mock camp with our geologists

Geology hikes ~ join our geologists for an interpretive hike and learn about the history and geology of Dawson. Check back for times and dates.

Contests ~ Enter to win great prizes, like a flat panel TV or a helicopter trip over an exploration camp

Rock Doctor ~ bring in your rocks and the Rock Doctor will identify it Rocks ~ check out the neat minerals on display

Posters ~ see how mining maps are made, careers in mining and geology, life of a prospector, anatomy of a mine, best practices and rock types

Eric Zalitis
Coordinator, Dawson City International Gold Show 2004

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